The services of our Content Marketing Agency

As a modern, digital Content Marketing Agency we offer a wide range of services. Because Digital Content Marketing is much more than just creating content.

Our content marketing services at a glance

Strategy & Consulting

Whether corporate newsroom, digital PR or social media presence: we develop your Content Marketing Strategy.

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We implement what we plan: from individual texts to newsroom operations and social media management.

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Content is king, distribution is queen: Whether SEO, SEA, social media or native advertising, e.g. with Taboola/Outbrain.

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No more buzzword bingo: digital work needs to be learned. We bring you up to eye level.

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No Content Marketing without owned or shared platforms – we build your social media channels and websites

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Future Reach

Just don’t lose the connection: We’re always looking for new ways of digital communication. For you and for us.

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Our Content Marketing kit

Content Marketing Consulting and Strategy

Gutes Content Marketing erfordert immer eine Strategie

Here we help you to understand how Content Marketing can support you in achieving your marketing goals – and how you could optimize existing content marketing camapaigns.

Advising our customers on complex communication and content marketing projects is often connected with the large field of “digital transformation”. In other words, it is all about how to transfer traditionally grown marketing structures into the content marketing world.

At the end of a strategy process there should always be a project plan, which, in addition to a clear roadmap with milestones, provides for the seamless implementation of the strategy.

Typical tasks for

  • Content strategy including content audit, analysis and evaluation
  • Newsroom setup incl. processes and structures
  • Social media strategy
  • Digital transformation of communication and marketing
  • Conception and optimization of digital media
  • Development of relaunch and migration strategies

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Implementation of Content Marketing projects

Erst nach der Strategie-Entwicklung kann die Umsetzung erfolgen

Content marketing is in most cases a marathon. Because the very important development of organic reach in the digital world does not happen overnight.

Short-term success can be achieved quickly and with relatively few pieces of content by using paid media. But this is not sustainable.

Most of our customers therefore appreciate the fact that they have in us a reliable partner for the long-term support of their content marketing channels, helping them to get a little better every day. With good content, creative ideas, state-of-the-art strategies and continuous analysis and optimization.

Typical tasks for sayang.operations

  • Content creation (channel-specific, text, image, sound, video) for both online and print
  • Content Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Community Management
  • (Traffic-)analyses and optimization
  • Setting up and leading editorial teams
  • Project Management
  • Support for relaunches and migration projects

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Reach and content distribution of Content Marketing Content

Content-Distribution ist eine der größten Herausforderungen des digitalen Content Marketings
Gutes Content Marketing muss seine Zielgruppe finden.

Content is king. Distribution is queen. We didn’t come up with this saying, but it is exactly what good content marketing and digital communication is all about: The best content is worth nothing if it is not seen.

So every content marketing project needs a smart distribution strategy. This should always include organic and paid channels. Because even if nothing beats organic traffic, it is often a long-term project.

Today, you simply cannot be so naive as to allow a brand to quickly achieve large ranges in the short term without paid measures.

Typical tasks for sayang.distribution

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) incl. YouTube and Amazon SEO
  • Organic Social Media Reach
  • Social advertising (Facebook, Twitter, Xing, LinkedIn, Instagram)
  • Content recommendation advertising (Outbrain, Taboola, Plista etc.)
  • Google Ads (incl. YouTube)

In order to give our clients the best possible distribution and high ROI on their digital advertising campaigns we partnered with Vietnam based Vbase. Read more about our joint offer for digital marketing here.

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Transfer of Content Marketing know-how

Schulungen und Workshops bauen wichtiges Know-how auf

An important aspect of our work is the build-up of know-how with our customers. It’s how we reduce the “knowledge gap” between agencies and their clients. We enable our clients for a partnership-based cooperation at eye level.

We share content marketing knowledge in the form of workshops, coaching and other formats, preferably on site, but also via video call/webseminar.

Typical trainings by sayang.enabling

  • Digital communication for PR and marketing
  • Digital content marketing for beginners, advanced and experts
  • Corporate Blogging
  • Video as producer
  • Video in front of the camera (interview situations)
  • Crisis Communication
  • Social Media and Community Management
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Design Thinking
  • Modern working methods
  • Writing trainings

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Development and setup of shared and owned Content Marketing Platforms

Verschiedene Plattformen greifen beim Content Marketing ineinander

Often our customers lack the right platforms and channels for their communication and content marketing measures or need optimisation.

If we determine in the strategy process that it is necessary to optimize or establish such platforms and channels, we take over the set-up. This is either personally or, in the case of more complex projects, with service providers with special expertise.

Typical tasks for sayang.development

  • WordPress and other CMS incl. development of an information architecture
  • Setting up Social Channels
  • Setting up a YouTube channel
  • Consulting during the setup of a CMS by external service providers including technical SEO

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The future lab for your Content Marketing

Digitale Kommunikation entwickelt sich rasant

Our think tank and future laboratory not only serves our customers, but is also vital for the the sustainability and growth of our company.

Here we conduct future research and develop new strategies to generate reach and performance for us and our customers.

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Our own news portals

Beim Betrieb eigener Portale sammeln wir wichtige Erfahrungen für unsere Kunden

Digital publishing is in our blood. So we can’t help but publish independently on our owned platforms.

In these projects we try out new things and learn important basics for working on our customers’ projects almost every day.

Our current publishing activities

  • Germany’s highest-reach, independent Scotland portal (Owner: Stephan Goldmann)
  • The triathlon guide for beginners (Owner: Stephan Goldmann)
  • Well-known media blog on the topic “Earning money with journalism on the net” (Owner: Karsten Lohmeyer)
  • Further publishing activities are planned

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Definition of Content Marketing

Content Marketing is interpreted very diversely by both customers and agencies. Mostly the definition depends on where the original business of the content marketing agency is originated (e.g. corporate publishing, media, digital, digital marketing, journalism …).

That’s why you should work with us to define what Content Marketing can mean for your company – and then select the appropriate modules from our content marketing toolbox. Read our definition of content marketing here.

Content Marketing Example

An example: In our analysis it may turn out that the target group of your Content Marketing activities is mainly active on Instagram. So you probably need an Instagram strategy hat fits holistically into your overall marketing strategy.

But it could just as well be that nobody on Instagram is interested in your brand – but the search traffic for your keywords is enormously high. What would you do then …?

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